About the site and about the newpaper club

We welcome you to WOK's Newspaper site! Here we post the most recent newspapers straight from the WOK's Newspaper Club! 

You can find our announcements, progress, polls, surveys and more for our site!

Our newspaper comes out in issues and we will announce when each issue will be released slowly through the school year!

In our newspaper, we have current news about sports, gossip, and the most exciting events that happen at our school!

We put up survey's and polls to have your voice heard! Best part is everything is anonymous so you don't have to be afraid to share your ideas to everyone!

More about what we do​​

               At WOK’s Newspaper Club, we have many positions to produce the school's newspaper. It is very diverse  here. We have artists, editors, reporters, puzzle writers, and more! We keep the club alive by producing newspapers for the school along the way. We talk about current events and more recent events happening around the school from our reporters. We also run polls and surveys to see how you enjoy our newspaper, to get your opinion on a certain topic, take your thoughts on what needs to be changed and pass information on to the upper levels who can talk about the situation! We announce our progress of our newspaper here, and you can find other info around the website! We hope you enjoy your stay!

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